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I have an equal passion for movies, music and sports. Just a regular guy, wanting to share thoughts on random topics.

Robin van Persie: New Found Respect

First thing’s first, I used to despise this man!  The first time I saw him play, he was a young and arrogant player playing for one of my most hated teams, Arsenal Football Club.  And now?  Now, I am embarrassed to … Continue reading

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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Coming to South Africa!

Seeing that Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) will be touring South Africa in February 2013, I dedicate this post to the band.  It’s strange, I was actually talking about this band the other day with my friends, saying there is … Continue reading

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Fight Club: A Cult Classic

Hands down, my favourite movie of all time! I was left speechless after watching this film, in fact, I was left speechless after watching this film for the 20th time.  To me, it wasn’t about the violence.  It was about the message … Continue reading

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The Pit Bull: Friend or Foe?

Feared by people who have never known one, adored and admired by those who have. Pit bulls are not thoroughbreds, but instead used in reference to multiple breeds of dogs.  These breeds are:  American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire and Staffordshire Terrier, … Continue reading

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Manchester United: #7 Legends

I am not too sure about other clubs, but I know that wearing the number 7 jersey for Manchester United is considered an honour. Such an honour that United’s latest signing, Shinji Kagawa, turned down the opportunity to wear the … Continue reading

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